My work

“Just your unusual ice hockey playing kangaroo researching science communicating trilingual French-Canadian of Haitian descent, but you can call me Charly

Here you can find what I spend most of my days doing. That is a little bit of everything from live science communication activities to 3D modelling and animation. You might even stumble upon colourful insect pictures to brighten up your day if you scroll down enough.

I am always looking to contribute to the next generation of young leaders, whether it is through STEM activities or sports, you can see me in classrooms manipulating animal skulls or on the ice, making sure hockey players keep their knees bent and their head up while doing a sharp turn.

I have a certain skillset behind the lens, but enjoy just as much being mic’ed up and talking to inanimate objects, like camera lenses. Take a look at my recent video series talking about our research down in the Wilsons Promontory National Park, Australia.

Here you can enjoy my unexpected enthusiasm for the colourful, beautifully engineered invertebrates that populate most average sites, such as my parent’s backyard, or the coastal grasslands of Australia.

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